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Pabi Cooper Spurlges thousands in recent sneakers pickups

Paballo Mothapo better known as Pabi Cooper is Amapiano's sensation right now her singles are on high rotation , her singles are now 2X Platinum and she getting bookings left right and center which means she is making bank. She is also a dancer and her tik tok videos are liked by thousands of people , she is also a soccer refree and goalkeeper , she is avid football fan.

Pabi Cooper is also a big sneaker head with some good kicks to her sneaker collection.

She recently took to her social media pages to show off her latest sneaker pickups in the picture we can see her holding a Air Jordan V sneaker which goes for R5400 on Court Order (a sneaker selling website) the sneaker are rare and is predominantly resell its hard to find them at retail price , in the picture we also see some yeezys plus nike sbs which you rarely buy retail which means you can only buy them at resell price which makes cost 2 times or more than retail price.

Pabi Cooper is having a good 2022 , she got the money to spurlge and spoil her self plus she loves sneakers.

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Paballo Mothapo Pabi Cooper


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