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She Hardly Posts Without A Full Face of Makeup But She Decided To Change Things After Posting This.

Date || 29 September 2021

Source || Instagram 


Nowadays a lot of people love to wear make-up and look pretty. We have become so custom to seeing people with make-up that it becomes quite interesting when we see people without make-up. There have been quite a several famous people that we have seen without make-up but there are still those we haven't had the opportunity to see without it. 

Lately, one individual posted a picture of her bare face without any make-up at all. The person I'm referring to is South African actress and Dj, Thuli Phongolo. Thuli normally posts pictures of herself with a full face of make-up and whoever does her make-up, that's if she doesn't do her make-up herself, does a pretty good job at it. Her face always looks beat for the Gods and it always matches with whichever outfit she's rocking at the time being. 

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram 

Photo credit: Instagram 

Even though Thuli always looks amazing with her full face of make-up, she, however, still looks as good without it. This shows that Thuli is naturally beautiful as she necessarily doesn't need to have make-up to look amazing. She puts it on because she wants to but doesn't have to. This also shows that Thuli takes good care of her skin as it looks like it doesn't have a lot of impurities on it.

Photo credit: Instagram

What do you think of this no make-up look of Thuli Phongolo? Are you a fan of it or do you prefer seeing her with a full set of make-up? Let me know in the comment section down below what you think. 

Photo credit: Instagram

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