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Use this to wash your hair, if you run out of shampoo.

Have you ever been about to wash your hair when you realize that you have run out of shampoo? And you don't want to go to the store. Well there is a household item that you can you, that everybody uses everyday and that is sunlight liquid. Using bathing soap could work too, but it just isn't soapy enough and does not create a nice lather. Sunlight liquid will make your hair shine like never before. Unlike regular shampoo, you only have to use a very small amount as it it very soapy. It is made from real lemon juice and that's what would give your hair an amazing shine. Please be careful not to get sunlight liquid into your eyes as it is more harsh than shampoo. You can use conditioner after you wash your hair if you want a softer feel to it. Try this hack and please share and comment if you tried it out.

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