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Immediately You See These Holes On Her Back, This Is What It Means

Source: (Here’s What You Need To Know About Venus Dimples)

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Venus dimples: Whether you've achieved your ideal feminine curves naturally or with the help of aesthetic body-contouring treatments, they're the perfect finishing touch to your form.

What exactly are Venus's dimples?

Venus dimples are two symmetrical indentations in your lower back, one on each side of your spine, just above the pelvic bone, named after the ancient Roman goddess of love. Venus dimples form when your skin is connected to underlying structures, similar to facial dimples. A small ligament tethers an indented section of your hip bones (the posterior superior iliac spine) to your back skin, which causes Venus dimples.

Why are Venus' dimples regarded as seductive?

Whether in a gorgeous flower, a movie star's harmonic bone structure, or face or Venus dimples, symmetry and balance are always alluring. The existence of Venus dimples showcases your curves because they're placed just below the curvature of your waist and are only visible when you're showing off considerable flesh with lingerie, bikini, or nudity. Through the play of light and shadow on the indents, the dimples bring depth and elegance to your curves.

The appeal of Venus dimples, however, goes beyond symmetrical back sculpting. Literally. The anchoring of your skin to your pelvic bone boosts blood flow to the area, making it easier and faster for women with Venus dimples to attain climax.

Do guys have dimples of Venus?

Some guys have Venus dimples as well. These indentations are commonly referred to as "Apollo Holes" by men in honor of the Roman sun deity Apollo.

Is it possible for me to have Venusian dimples?

You won't be able to get Venus dimples by diet or exercise if neither of your parents had them. If you have a family history of Venus dimples, you may be able to reveal or emphasize them if you lose weight. If you eat a nutritious, whole-foods diet and exercise regularly, you can trim your body enough to show off your dimples.

You may also be able to strengthen the muscles surrounding your dimples, making them appear more indented. While there is no scientific evidence that exercise will help you grow deeper Venus dimples, a core-toning and-strengthening routine that includes the following activities can help keep your core toned and strong:

Superman: Lie down on your stomach, arms straight up in the air. Hold your straight arms and legs in the air for 10 to 30 seconds. Depending on your current fitness level, repeat 3 to 10 times.

Lie on your back with your legs bent and your heels near your buttocks in the bridge pose. Lift your pelvis upward and hold for five to ten seconds. Rep for a total of 20 times.

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