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Old man tried the kanye West haircut look how it turned out, his now the talk of media.

It seems grandpa is catching some flames because of his haircut and people believe the main character involved in such a haircut and gave umadala the inspiration to try it is only the millionaire kanye west who recently changed his name to Ye. It seems there is an old man walking around with an unfinished or rather planned haircut because there is no haircut like it.

This is the same kind of haircut that young children were made to walk around looking like burnt chicken back in the days because their parents would just use a paper scissor to cut the hair. Here is the picture causing some waves on twitter of the grandpa.

It looks like some animals ate parts of his hair and now his only left with some scarces and a little piece of the hair.

Here is where the old man saw the kamye style in what people are relating it to on twitter because it looks like the latest kanye west style so it has to be it. Here is a picture of the kanye West style take a look.

After the photos were posted on twitter here are the comments of the photos as screenshot of people making fun of the haircut.

Source : Twitter social media platform

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