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TOP 3 Qualities You Should Look For In A Salon Beautician |The Beauty Book

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It's common now for women to hire a "glam squad" for those special moments in our lives when we want to look picture perfect.

Ladies all over the world rely on their own hand-picked beauty specialists from hair stylists to manicurists. People in these professions often own small businesses and rely largely on word of mouth to attract more clients. It is helpful when they have Facebook and Instagram profiles so that clients can give feedback, thereby allowing prospective clients to find the best of the best.

However, many other beauticians work as freelancers and have no way of being rated outside of one-on-one client experiences. This is why it's important for you as a customer to know just exactly what to look for when you're looking for your beauty providers.

So here are your top three tips for finding the best beauticians and salons.

They make an effort to make fun conversation with you

The practice of hair care is centuries-old. It is a social and communal activity among African women, and modern hairdressers know how to capitalize on this special bond.

Learning to think outside the box is a necessity in 2021, and those in the beauty industry need to put their best foot forward in efforts to retain business. Conversation is one of the easiest, most effective ways to show clients you appreciate their support.

When your beauty consultant is chatty and friendly with you, you know you can depend on them for future glam events and you can recommend them to your friends/family.

They drop interesting facts about their skills and industry

Allure Magazine says negative space is the next big thing in manicures: "The grow-out is less noticeable over time and it allows for a peekaboo effect of the natural nail, allowing the clients to extend the time between their appointments and save money as the frequency of the salon visit can extend from every two to three weeks to about every four to five weeks."

If your manicurist or beautician isn't giving you hot tips like this, then you're with the wrong one. Some other hot topics your consultant should be up to date with include body positivity, developments in the natural hair movement and the latest acrygel nail applications.

Another big bonus is if your beautician mentions taking online or short courses, entering competitions, and takes extra special care to tell you the benefit of each product and techniques.

If they prompt you to request fix-ups or follow-up appointments

At some point, you’re going to be a disgruntled customer - maybe your hairstylist gave you the wrong colour, or your manicurist did a messy job. As a paying customer you deserve to be satisfied so it’s vital to get a beautician who knows that there’s nothing personal about client complaints.

Feel free to ask a makeup artist to clean their tools, and be specific about the products you accept for use in your hair. If you and your beautician set a standard before the work is done, you can have easier communication going forward.

Be super excited when you find one who points out their own mistakes and offers to fix them for you.

It's important to remember that beauticians deserve respect for their craftsmanship, so this is no excuse to be unnecessarily critical of them. The process of getting pretty should be fun and playful.

So there you have the top three tips for getting yourself the best glam squad!

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