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Ladies, Have You Tried Red Onions For Hair Growth?

When it comes to hair, every woman wants to conquer!

Hair is like a crown that you wear with pride and confidence but if you are constantly braiding your hair or have a hairline problem...then you probably prefer covering your hair with wigs.

But there are plenty of solutions to recover your hairline or boost hair growth. You don't even have to break the bank to buy products, simple ingredients in your home can be the best solution to all your hair problems.

Onions don't only add flavor to a meal but they also have major potential for hair growth.

And in this article we look at red onions and the potential it has to boost hair growth and recover your hair line. Onions

Red onions are a storehouse of sulphur and is rich in anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Due to these ingredients, it has been used to strengthen hair and give all the nutrients needed for a dandruff free and healthy hair grow.

The Top 5 Benefits Of Using Red Onions For Hair Growth:

1. Soothes inflamed and dry hair

2. Lends a healthy shine

3. Adds volume to hair

4. Improves hair texture

5. Nourishes dry and brittle hair.

How To Use Red Onions For Hair Growth:

You can either cut up the onions and boil them to use onion water to apply on your hair and scalp. Of you can squeeze the onion juice or use a juicer to extract all of the juice from the onions to apply on your scalp and hair.

And research shows that within a couple of weeks, you will start to see results.

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