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These 6 Photos Will Have You Thinking You Are Drunk, Open To See


Mimi Choi, 31, a makeup artist in Vancouver, has more than one trick up her sleeve.

Choi never uses Photoshop in any of her images; instead, she manipulates her face with cosmetics to produce effects like quadrupling eyes and splitting her head in half.

Choi tells the Metro that "my face is a blank canvas where I may practice my craft."

Choi masterfully creates the appearance that her face is melting, that it is breaking like a sheet of glass, and that her eye sockets are laced with tiny blue bows.

She has also sliced her arm to reveal lemon flesh, turned her hand into a piece of prawn sushi, and used black eyeliner to create the appearance of negative space.

Choi strives to utilize her Instagram to promote the advantages of expressing your creativity through any and all avenues, frequently devoting up to five hours to one piece of art.

On Instagram, Choi states, "I hope that my peculiar inventiveness can encourage people to think outside the box.

Writing on her experiences with anxiety and panic episodes on Instagram, Choi expresses the freeing significance of creativity in her art.

Choi previously held a position as a teacher, but she claims that despite enjoying her profession, she was unhappy and in search of a new challenge.

The Metro quoted Choi as saying, "It felt like it was too late to change my job, but my mum was so encouraging that I soon realized it was acceptable."

In her parents' bathroom, she began experimenting and researching the potential of cosmetics art, which quickly sparked her creative fire.

Choi now has over 1, 560,000 Instagram followers who eagerly anticipate her next optical illusion. She also uses her impressively intricate skills for wedding events.

Choi's works, which he painted, highlighted, and contoured using his ingenious experiments, are very stunning.

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