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[asons why women wear short skirts [ No. 3 and 4 are very important]

1.The short skirt trend has become a permanent part of the fashion world. Short skirts are known for their casual, yet sexy look. The cut-out material makes it incredibly comfortable and is bound to turn heads, especially in the summer. This trend is continuing to grow in popularity, even among older women, hence its presence in this paper.

2.Women are often forced to wear short skirts and other short clothing due to their bodies being perceived by others as “unattainable” due to societal beauty standards. Developers and marketers have tried to break the cycle of “shorter skirts” by creating skirts with longer hemlines, but often times, this only exacerbates the problem. The “shorter skirt” problem is one that has plagued women since the beginning of time, but there are steps that we, as women, can take to break this cycle and feel confident in our bodies.

3.Women feel more comfortable in short skirts because they cover the area of their bodies that is most often exposed when they are wearing pants. This is the most obvious way to increase their feeling of exposure. However, the skirts also cover areas of their bodies that are not easily visible, such as their rear ends, which sometimes causes women to feel self-conscious, especially if they are wearing high-heeled shoes.

4.The short skirt is an example of a trend that was popular during the disco era. The short skirt was more common for women in the 1980s than in the 1990s, and became less common during the early 2000s.


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