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Women Who Have This On Their Waist, See What It Means


In this article, we shall be discussing about the two dots or indentation known as dimple of venus.

The two dimple spots where the pelvic bones connect on the lower backs of both men and women are known as "Venus dimples," and they are more noticeable on women. Some ladies are paying up to AU$10,000 for their very own pair of venus dimples because not everyone's are as visible as others.

Ultrasonic liposuction is being used for the procedures, and like other liposuction, the results can take up to three months to show after a one- to two-hour treatment under local anesthesia.

The tendency to be more voluptuous eliminates most women from the race for owning a pair of venus dimples because the natural dimple effect is most noticeable on thin women with athletic physique (though even they are not guaranteed a pair). Young, athletic women are more likely to have venus dimples, but the most important prerequisite is being slender enough to see the indents. The indent does not show up if there is a layer of fat over the connection points.

Where the two pelvic bones meet is where the venus dimples may be found, and historically, the lower back has been regarded as a particularly lovely and curving feature of the feminine form.

Along with the more recent trend toward bigger, rounder buttocks, the venus dimple treatment is sometimes known as the "Barbie back" procedure. Over 10,000 buttock contouring surgeries were reportedly carried out in the US in 2016. If one is out of place, the other may appear out of balance since the buttocks and lower back work together to shape a woman's physique. A crucial aesthetic choice is to have buttocks that complement the lower back.

When liposuction is used, the entire lower body can be altered to get the desired appearance. Body shaping is now possible because to liposuction, which is safer than ever.

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