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Can You believe She’s 46 Years old?? See 16+Photos Norma Gigaba And Her Fashion Sense

Vivid_News_15_ June_2021

Certain activities are no longer appreciate as a result of maturation and developments because they are not suitable for a specific age group. Same applies to dressing code, For example, on your 40s you cannot wear in the very same manner as you did when you were 20, nor can you start dancing or party until the early hours of the morning, The more you age there there are certain things that you have to let go. An individual must simply comport themselves and engage in activities that are suitable for their chronological age group, Because if you don’t do so you will end up being disrespectful my the young ones.

In today’s article we are looking at Norma Gigaba, am sure many of you know her as she has been hitting the headlines in the past weeks due to her testimonial in Zondo commission.

Norma Gigaba, the ex wife of Melusi Gigaba, consistently astounds her Followers on social media with her taste in fashion and appearance; it simply proves that she is not selective when it comes to what she wears; if it looks really decent she tends to put it on; she appears to be so youthful and vivid that you'd never guess that she is the mother of two children. 

Norma Gigaba's taste in clothes is that of a modern-day teenage girl; you will never guess that she is 46 years old from her appearance. To those who don’t know her, if you come across her you’d assume she’s still in her late 20s.

Take a look at the photos below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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