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Pink vs white vs blue trending outfits.

Pink versus white versus blue. Which colour is best for this summer?

1. The colour pink.

Pink is a feminine colour, when a newborn female child is born we buy them pink clothes and as she grows up, she becomes exposed to female cartoons and dolls who wear many shades of pink. It hasn't always been this way though. In the 19th century, pink was seen as a very strong and bold colour so it was the colour assigned for male children. In America 1924 time magazine cited that stores across America had a lot of male clothes in the colour pink. 1940 came and pink rapidly became a feminine colour. Now, pink is a feminine colour that represents femininity, breast cancer awareness, motherhood and sensitivity. Here are some pink dresses.

2. The colour white.

The colour white a colour that symbolizes peace, purity, calmness and grace. There two very interesting facts about the colour white. One being that white is made up with all the colours of the rainbow. Who would've guessed? Who would've known? It's mind blowing. The second fact is that in China, people wear white instead of black when they are mourning. Here are a few white summer outfits.

3. The colour blue.

This is the colour opposite to blue, in the 19th century blue was a feminine colour that was specifically meant for young girls and women. Blue symbolizes peace and calm, so perhaps that is why blue was seen as a dainty colour. In the 1940's when pink was becoming a feminine colour, males adopted the previously feminine colour blue as theirs and it became the colour in several department stores in male sections. Today, when a boy child is born we buy them blue clothes. Although it's now a boy colour, it's obviously not exclusive to males the same way pink is not exclusively for women. Here are some beautiful blue summer outfits for women.

Despite everything that is stated in this article, all these colours are beautiful in their different shades too, they are all gender neutral and all make great outfit colour choices. Which one is your favorite? Don't forget to share

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