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Skin Care

Here is how to get rid of pimples

Pimples on the face, make one loses confidence. During teenage stage most girls and boys develop pimples on their faces. Even at a later stage some pimples do not dissappear. There are some techniques you need to try get rid of pimples. According to the doctors when you are stressed hormones mix with moisture and block the skin airways. Naturally the moist have to come out of the skin. When hormones mix with moisture there is growth of bacteria that forms acne and after sometime the blemishes appear. There are many ways that is recommended by dermatologists that you can use to get rid of acne and blemishes. There also ways of avoiding acne.

1. Avoid touching your face

If you have pimples do not squeeze them. Once the acne comes out of a “bubble" it will think it is spreading and it will expand and take longer to heal, blemishes will follow.


2. Do not just use anything when trying to get rid of pimples. There have been a technique of using toothpaste and lemon juice that has been used for ages. It is not advisable to use it. The toothpaste had a bacteria that suppresses inflammation, nowadays toothpastes most of them do not have that bacteria. Lemon juice does not make any difference in a pimple.

There is a way of removing a pimple without causing irritation and swelling, smear tea tree oil on your face. It need to be diluted so that the skin won’t irritate.

3. Steaming

Heat is good for a skin that has acne. It eases the inflammation and opening the skin pores. 

4. Treat your skin with necessary treatment. Using an acne spot remover helps a lot, use a moisturizer for your acne and if the pimples wants to pop out, use a skin treatment instead of squeezing it.When buying skin care treatment make sure that it has the following 

-retinoids helps cells to prevent pores from clogging.

-benzoyl peroxide kill the bacteria that causes acne.

-Salicylic acid opening pores, get rid of blackheads 

Pimples don’t just go away. You need to keep on applying moisturiser and treatment and you will see the difference as the time goes on.

5. Avoid using heavy make up

Another thing that causes the acne is the usage of too much makeup more often. If the pil.from your skin mixes with make up dust, it causes clogging of pores. Avoid oil based makeup and use mineral one. You may use a make up with an aim of hiding the blemishes but you might be causing acne while at it. Take a good care of your skin.

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