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People on social media left in stitches after noticing this

People on social media could not stop laughing after they noticed something that made them laugh after a picture was posted of two beautiful ladies who were in what appeared to be a club. People on social media noticed that the lady in front in this picture seems as if she has adjusted her trouser, because maybe it was to big for her to wear before.

However not everyone on social media saw this as something which is funny, as some even said that this is something that has happened to them before, when they have a trouser which does not fit them on their waist.

They even said the tailor who was adjusting this lady's trouser was probably in a hurry and that was the reason why she adjusted this trouser like this, as it is clear and visible to see that this trouser has been adjusted. Surely this lady must have not noticed that her trouser was clear and visible to see that it was adjusted before she left her house to come to this club. 

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this lady's trouser was clear to see that it was adjusted.

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