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Secret Revealed: why do women wear waist beads? Check out the reasons why women wear waist beads.

Waist beads is a traditional African fashion accessory that is usually made of small beads on a string and worn around the waist or hips.

Waist beads usually come I different colours, shape ana sizes and some of them also contain charm and crystal. In South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal and other west African countries waits beads are symbols of fertility, sensuality, femininity and spiritual well-being.

Wearing waist beads is a fashion accessory as it was in the past. The difference is that nowadays it has been Incorporated to different styles and modes fashion that even ladies who do not know about the traditional aspect of wearing them are doing so, All in the name of fashion.

Different colours of waist beads and thier significance.


Earth and stability


Light, truth and purity


Good health, power and wealth


Joy, energy and happiness


Power and protection


Fertility, abundance,nature and prosperity


Confidence and vitality


Riyalty, spirituality and wisdom


Courage, self confidence and vitality

* Pink

Care, beauty, kindness and love

Do not let influencers to decieve you into thinking that only slim women can wear waist beads because African waist beads are worn beautifully by women of all shapes, age and size.

Did you know that waist beads can be used to shape the waist like many Ghanaians women do.

Waist beads can help you to become more aware of your stomach and posture. The beads fit quite different depending on how one is sitting they can serve as a reminder to sit up straigh, engage your stomach muscles, relax your back and breath properly.

Waist beads can be used as a body/hips shaper. It is said that waist beads can shape your body and keep the waist small and hips accentuated. It was and still used as a measurement tool.

In conclusion, waist beads have come to stay though some people wear waist beads against eveil eyes and negative energy ( most waist beads contain chakras and crystal are use for this) while others wear it as a fashion accessory.

Everyone can wear waist beads, regardless of their status.

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