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Shinning beautiful Dark Hamamat from Bolgatanga took her photos to another level.

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Meet Ghana's young and attractive picture model Hamamat Montia, who hails from Bolgatanga in the country's Upper east area and has elevated the art of modeling to a whole new level.

Hamamat Montia, the former Miss Malaika queen, is considered to be one of the most attractive African models working in the modeling profession. She was originally from Bolgatanga, which is a town in Ghana's Upper East region. Montia also attended the prestigious Ghanaian Achimota School Highschool, where she received her secondary education.

Hamamat is quite famous on Instagram, and she has a large following as a result of the unique and beautiful photographs she takes of Ghanaian culture and tradition, which she shares with her followers. He is extremely photogenic, and he was a pass queen in the Miss Malaika beauty contest in 2006, among other honors. Additionally, in 2007, she was named Model of the Universe for Africa. The fact is that she has some really interesting images and a really nice concept behind her Poses.

In addition to modeling, this gorgeous Model distributes Shea butter, soap, and other locally produced goods as part of her work. Having gone to Achimota School, she is now a mother of two daughters, having become 33 years old. It is shocking to learn that she has two children, since one would not expect such a thing from such a gorgeous Model.

This is a list of some of the individuals that the Ghana tourist authority should consider appointing to roles so that they may continue to promote the nation and its legacy. She has, throughout the years, been quite inventive with her photographs and the stories that go with them.


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