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Don't have an all white outfit yet? Here are some outfit ideas.

Ever gotten an invitation to a baby shower, picnic or birthday party and were told the theme is all white? Most of us have and most of us looked our closets and and found white clothes but the clothes couldn't be an outfit. For instance, finding a white long sleeved dress and a white t-shirt, or finding a cream white shirt and a crisp white skirt... they do not correspond and nobody wants to show up looking like an outcast so; many resort to buying new clothes. A wise decision is to have at least two all white outfits no matter what because the theme will live on forever.

Here are some ideas.

1. White blouse and white jeans.

I once read somewhere that men absolutely love seeing a woman in white denim.

2. White shirt dress.

This is a simple outfit that can be dresses up or down with shoes and accessories. It's very comfortable and fits on most events.

3. Crop top and maxi skirt.

This is a combination that looks very stylist yet effortless.

4. White mini dress

Many people own white mini dresses but most have dresses with simple designs, owning a mini dress in an intricate design guarantees you attention.

5. A short jumpsuit.

Short jumpsuits can be worn virtually everywhere.

6. Playful dress

A dress that looks like it was inspired by an era or two eras of fashion makes you look sophisticated. 7. Suit

A suit will make you look like a fun CEO that dresses according to their mood and not the conversational corporate look, depending on how you style it, the possibilities of looking amazing are endless. 

8. Maxi dress

For the ultimate sophistication and looking royal. White maxi dresses get confused for bridal looks but can be worn everywhere.

9. Leggings and a crop top and a blazer.

Leggings and a crop top alone work really well for lounging, shopping and errand but when powered with a blazer they make a really powerful outfit.

Remember that sneakers and flats make an outfit look chilled. Heel shoes make an outfit look upper. The accessories you wear will also have a great impact on how your outfit turns out.

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