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"Beauty may get you through the door but hard work keeps you in the room" a lady left many stunned.

There are some doors beauty will open and brains will keep BUT first you need the door open. Don’t let anyone make you feel you have to play down your magnificence. Shine and shine through, don’t allow low budget haters to tell you who you should be. There are many people who are of the belief that one's intelligence is much more important than their physical appearance.

And then there are those who believe that appearance is way more important than intelligence. People see things in a different way and that's just something that cannot be changed. In my own opinion, what will guarantee you a better life and a great future is hard work and we have seen this through a lot of people's life experiences.

A young lady recently took to social media to share pictures of herself proudly showing off how she looks when she is at work. She also captioned her post: "Beauty may get you through the door but hard work keeps you in the room". A lot of people were left impressed and inspired by her hard work while others wondered how beauty may have gotten her through the door.

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