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Celebrity Men Who Look Fabulous Wearing Skirts And Dresses.

If you thought it was weird for men to put on makeup, then perhaps you'll be surprised to learn that straight men can wear skirts and dresses purely for fashion reasons.

Fashion is taking over the world and bridging the gap between male and female clothes. Dresses and skirts used to be designed for only women but today we have fashion items like a "dashiki" and 'Scottish kilt' that looks like a male dress or skirt. And men who wear this fashion item are proudly straight and wear it for fashion and cultural reasons.

A skirt doesn't make a man any less manly, ofcourse it will take time for this fashion to settle in especially in South Africa. But honest truth, these men actually look fabulous.

These celebrity men are well known for their tough exterior and street credit. And yet the can fabulously rock a skirt and dress without looking feminine at all.

Fashion is a statement and these celeb man have continued to make a statement that men can wear anything these days without look feminine.

Here Are More Pictures Of Straight Celeb Men Who Look Fabulous Wearing Skirts And Dresses:

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