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Student with the biggest lips in the world plans to have more filler despite family hating her look

A student who claims to have the "largest lips in the world" as a result of lip fillers has revealed that she intends to undergo additional cosmetic surgery in the future.

Andrea Ivanova, a 23-year-old Bulgarian woman who first received hyaluronic acid fillers in 2018 and now receives monthly top-ups, first had the procedure done in 2018

'I really like more voluminous and big lips, and I was really interested in seeing how they would look on my face, and I've discovered that I like it much more with much bigger lips.' She told the Daily Star.

My lips are currently filled with hyaluronic acid, and while I haven't kept track of how much money I have spent so far, an injection of hyaluronic acid here in Bulgaria costs 400 leva (approximately 200 pounds for one injection).

The lip filler addict spends approximately £5,000 to receive 25 injections.

Andrea also received a silicone bust, which consisted of 600 cubic meters of silicone on each breast for a total of 1200 cubic meters of silicone on the body overall.

In her own words, she "always wanted to be different, stand out from the rest of the crowd, and be a little more eccentric."

"I really like the eccentric and extravagant look," she continued.

Andrea, a student at Sofia University studying German philosophy, claims that her family and friends do not approve of her appearance, and that she also receives negative comments from strangers.

She, on the other hand, isn't deterred and even plans to undergo additional surgery.

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