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Check Out 10 Fashion Rules For Plus-sized Ladies

You will begin to understand what it means to be a fat girl and what fashion means when you combine it with fat.

 One of the most difficult challenges for overweight women is to explore some rules and establish your own sense of style and originality in the face of some mundane marketing and clothing designed by someone who has no idea how fat works.

 Well, here are some tips that all fat girls know.

 1. Horizontal stripes are not suitable for obese girls.

 There is nothing wrong with wanting to make your body look bigger and less likely to cut you.

 2. No VBO (visible belly button)

 Even if you are overweight, it is still undesirable to allow others to see the fat you know.

 3. There is no crop top

 Thick fashion is designed to stand out from the crowd, and it should go unnoticed. And who would not want to see an obese obese girl dressed in fashion everywhere?

 4. Black colors are only allowed.

 This rule is based on the fact that black and other black colors are thin, and of course, what all overweight girls wear to hide their bodies.

 5. No sleeveless ends.

 Of course, if you are a fat woman, the problem of having thick hands and how many people will despise them, and a sleeveless dress will never be the same.

 6. No net cloth.

 do not worry! Obese girls, like everyone else, are stigmatized.

 7. Only long pants and skirts are allowed.

 Regardless of the season or the temperature outside, fat girls should cover their feet.

 8. Wear only warm clothing.

 Although flowing skirts and shirts are more comfortable, fat girls should always wear structured tops.

 9. Avoid styles that are too busy or too bright.

 Bold styles may make you stand out from the crowd, but it is about joining a bold fashion movement.

 10. Never forget how much you hate your body and how little you want to show it.

 This continues the age-old tradition of condemning those who do not comply with the rules and making sure that those people are poor and aware of their bodies.

 Do not let these rules dictate how you should conduct your life. No matter what body shape you have, find and style your favorite style!

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