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Revive dry scaly skin with glycerine for only R12

We are now in spring, the season of glowy hydrated skin. We have put away our thick heavy clothes and we now put our light weighed and skin showing clothes, its now time for leg, thigh and arm parade.

But how does one "parade" their legs, thighs and arms when they are all dry and cranky from the winter cold- Glycerine.

Glycerine is one of the commonly used agents to moisturize and hydrate skin. It slows down evaporation by locking in moisture, thus hydrating and plumping the surface of the skin. Further, it is affordable and is found in most supermarkets retailing from R12. To use it, one may add it to their already present body lotion or body creme. This is to loosen the thick consistency the agent comes in. For effective results, apply your body lotion/creme and glycerin mixture overnight, daily on affected areas and glow your way into summer.

Content created and supplied by: BrownScales (via Opera News)

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Content created and supplied by: BrownScales (via Opera News )



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