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Skin Care

How to avoid getting dark spots using banana and potato, it works within weeks(Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

A lot of young people happen to lose confidence due to dark spots and pimples. Well today il teach you the best combo to use in order to remove dark spots from your face. Before we start find out what is actually causing dark spots on your face.

To some people it's acne while other people dark spots are causing by them, due to breaking pimples early. Instead of breaking them earlier try to wash your face with aloe vera. Doing this for a week will remove all the dirt that is causing pimples. The next thing is to apply banana peel on your skin after you wash with aloe.

Wait few minutes before you wash again, this will help your face to rejuvenate naturally without changing your complexion. If you don't like using banana peel you can try honey or potato. Practice this for two weeks you will notice surprising results without getting burns like people who use untested chemical creams.

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