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A lady becomes a laughing stock after saying she wants to remove her Gold Tooth. See Pictures

A few decades ago Gold tooth was a thing, back then the youth would visit the dentists to get their teeth cut and place a Gold or Sliver to look smart, others would put it even though they did not like, they did it just to belong to certain groups, most fell in that trap because of peer pressure.

A lady was out on a date and she asked the person she was with to take her pictures, suddenly she noticed that her smile is beautiful naturally, she does not need to add an extract touch to make it prettier. After realizing that she took her pictures and posted them on social media, asking people where can she remove the sliver on her tooth she's no longer vibing with it. "Ikhishwaphi iSliver Tooth I miss my Smile?" she wrote.

The post was received well by her followers, they flooded the comment section and shared their thoughts. One tweep jumped in and seconded her statement @Mimi_Tee_ "You are not alone, help us tu, my tooth broke during matric exams booked an app to fill, but had to wait 3 weeks, jiki jiki gold tooth was my quickest option." she wrote.

@Gu2H20 "Khipha sisi, nathi sibuya lapho. R250 ukukhipha lento at the dentist. The fill of the crown is the expensive one." she commented and encouraged her to stick to her decision because she also went through the same journey however, she left an evidence of two pictures showing before and after her gold tooth removed.

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