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" Haircuts are really just make up for men, " said woman after seeing this picture

(Source: - @VeruhWang)

Whatever you do, just be yourself and indulge in things that interests you. There's no need to try to fit in, just embrace the fact that you're unique. If you fall in the trap of social media beauty standards then it will be difficult for you to come out of it. Since, most people want to be loved and eccepted by a particular group of individuals in a certain community.

Now, most men were left in disbelief when a woman decided to compare make up with haircuts. As she stated that when a man gets a haircut, it's like he becomes a new person. It's a total transformation from his normal self that chose not to visit the barber. However, when he decides to go to the salon and get pampered by his barber then his true beauty will be revealed. Similarly with women, they feel that applying make up brings out the best out of them. As they get to walk with their head held up high without any regrets, just happiness. Funny enough, some men felt that make up hides beauty. Hence, they prefer their women natural from head to toes. "Haircuts are really just make up for men," wrote @FinesseEness on Twitter.

The conversations between what both genders deem as beauty will always be interesting. When they beauty is subjective or it's in the eyes of the beholder, then they're not lying. It's up to you if you feel self-love which may or may not include applying make up or even getting a haircut will lead to being handsome or beautiful.

@nuggsonnatass said, "Why are the guys dragging it in the comments… the comparison was to how haircuts enhance someones face/facial features…similar to wht makeup does😭 ya doin too much."

@VeruhWang said, "Many men could actually be attractive if they got hair cuts, dressed better and had good hygiene practices."

@trilmindtweets said, "Nope can't come even close. Make up is a few steps away from witchcraft."

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