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Do Not Wear Make-up Ever Again If You Are Pregnant || See Why

Date : 13 October 2021

All women want to look beautiful and exquisite all the time. It gets depressing to see women not being comfortable when walking or engaging with others in public spaces. Women apply makeup in their faces for different reasons. Some use it to hide the dark marks that are visible in their faces. Nowadays almost everyone is using make up in their faces. We have seen videos on social media made by bloggers teaching people how to apply make up and what kind of products that they should use.

You can tell that many are now able to apply makeup in their faces by themselves and they save the money for going to make up artists.Some people only use make up when they are attending events and there are those who apply makeup on daily basis when they are going to work or even when they are not going anywhere but they just want to look beautiful.

Today let's engage more about some useful information that people hardly know about. Did you know that applying makeup when you are pregnant has an impact on the life of your u born child?, Who would have thoughts that things you use on your face would affect your child. It has been discovered that when you apply makeup on your face during pregnancy, it affects the weight of your child.

It has not been clearly revealed how make-up can affect the body weight of your child but studies have revealed that 90% of grocery store items contain parabens which are chemicals found in most beauty products, lotions, shampoos and most cosmetics. It was revealed that the chemicals mimic estrogen and hormone that promotes the development and maintenance of female characteristics. These chemicals are said to be found on make - up foundation, lipstick, eye liner and eye shadow. These are the most used products when applying make up.

Studies revealed that women's urine revealed that these chemicals disrupts the hormones of women and then affect the body growth of the baby . Let's urge all women who are pregnant to limit their use of makeup to avoid having problems with their child's health. Share your views and follow for more news.

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