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Lady Gets Exposed For Doing This To Her Face While It Actually Looks Like This.

Date || 21 November 2021

Source || Instagram


Nowadays, many of us want to look like Instagram models and this doesn't only refer to their bodies but it also refers to their faces. We try our best to look like we have flawless skin which looks almost perfect but forgetting that we are human and, therefore, have imperfections. 

To try and make our faces look perfect, we even make use of applications such as FaceApp which can transform your face and make it seem flawless. Now, since we might actually only be able to achieve this flawless look with the FaceApp, some people wish to achieve it with the use of make-up. People want make-up artists to transform their faces entirely with only make-up and make them look like their faces are perfect.

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

One lady did exactly this as she used something to make her face look perfect while when we take look at the unedited picture, we can see that she has a lot of imperfections, texture and her skin is not as flawless as she might have made others believe. She ended being exposed by a certain make-up artist who was complaining that people can't come and, request make-up artists to make their faces look flawless while they very much know that their faces are no where being flawless. 

Photo credit: Instagram

As humans, we need to come to terms with reality and how things actually are so that we don't go through major lengths just to make other people believe otherwise. This also would help the next person feel better about themselves because, they would know that they aren't the only one going through what they are going through and have someone to relate to.

What do you think about this? Do you even believe in anyway that you see online nowadays? Please let me know down in the comments section. 

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