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"I dreamt about this jumpsuit so I made it. What do you guys think?" A lady posted. See comments.

Recently, a woman's design for a jumpsuit has generated a great deal of conversation. Designers receive inspiration from a variety of sources, including what they observe, people, and others. The woman then revealed her creation and said "I built this jumpsuit because I had a dream about it. What are your thoughts?" See here for the Twitter post she made.

As can be seen in the image, the design of the jumpsuit is exquisite. Many people responded on the post and had plenty to say. Someone remarked, "I would shorten the pants, remove some of the bottom, and replace it with lace before adding a silk belt to complete the look." Someone else replied and said: "As far as I can tell, you performed a far better job than I ever could, therefore it's really incredible. However, I would need to see the entire ensemble before I could provide a complete critique." View some of the other comments posted beneath the post below.


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