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“Fashion Or Madness” See What This Woman Did With Her Hair That Got People Talking

Fashion, beauty and slaying is one of the most trending factors in the world today. The way you fix and mix your fashion styles and outfit can showcase and introduce you to the final public either as an individual who has fashion sense or as an individual who still beyond age and just want to belong and join the crowd, that's why there's an undying quote which goes like this “Dress the way you would like to be addressed”. Even after dressing all stunning with all the jewelry in the world some people would still address you as a poor fellow and also address you as a rich fellow, all you need to do most times you need to be comfortable in all and everything you do including your dressing.

Some ladies on the other hand overdress and bring unnecessary attention to themselves. A post was uploaded this morning on the internet social media “Facebook” showing a photo of a lady who made a hairstyle which resembles that of an African talking drum. The photo had gone viral and gotten the attention of most of the individuals on Facebook. It was posted by a Facebook user named “Humphrey” stating that the unidentified woman prefer to plait the hairstyle on her traditional wedding day and post it on net. Adding that he don’t know or not to decision it Fashion or madness.

Now as a woman or as a married man, will you be able to fix this sort of haircut on the day of your traditional marriage? And as a person, are you able to permit your girl to use these kind of hairstyle?

Photo credit and source: Facebook

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