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4 Stunning Ways To Wear The PINK AESTHETIC

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The Pink colour has experienced a rollercoaster journey in popularity over the years. Originally associated with hyper feminine and girly aesthetics, but recently it has undergone a major transformation, and reclaimed by people who want to celebrate its beauty, the colour has geared up a tough but soft attitude. Today, pink holds no gender and doesn’t stick to the status quo, so why should you? Scroll through, there is something here that might inspire you. 

1. Hot Neon Pink

If you want to make a statement, it should be easy when you’re wearing something as bold as hot pink. This bright shade of pink is fun and eye-catching. Put a modern twist on a classic pair of high waist trousers and a turtleneck, by choosing to wear them both in a vibrant neon shade, break up the colour by add your favorite white or blue heels. Complementary colours for this combination include blues and greens, however, don’t be afraid to try reds or purples. This will add depth to an already exciting outfit.

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2. Dusty Pink

Ooze elegance and sophistication in a dusty pink outfit. This soft and subtle shade is loved by both men and women thanks to its versatility. For a high fashion feel, wear a matching set of silk pajamas and a belted blazer in a matching tone. Finish it off the look with a pair of nude heels, and a shoulder bag. It’s a wonderful option to wear for dinner date with your girl friends, or in a mini photoshoot for your Instagram.

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3. Soft Pastel Pink

The soft and buttery undertones of this pink make for the perfect summer outfit, and there are many different ways that you can style it. A pair of wide-leg jeans and a bucket hat will provide major pinterest aesthetics in a more casual settings.

Photos: Pinterest

4. Pink and White Aesthetic

This color combination is light, fluffy, and pretty. Choose shades such as rose or blush for a beachy and floral style. Shake things up with an oversized blouse and high-waisted pants – keep the white on the bottom for a fresh feel. A popular choice for those who love aesthetics is a classic tennis skirt, and a cropped tank top, with chunky sneakers. 

Photos: Pinterest

Content created and supplied by: Fashionpidia (via Opera News )

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