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Look more beautiful and attractive naturally without make-up.

First, while you feel insecure, I would recommend either not being exposed to a place that puts a high premium on physical beauty according to a certain formula. I live in a metro where even working models and actresses don’t feel good unless they wear makeup and have procedures. Judgment on appearance is immediate, harsh and arbitrary. So if you have that already in the culture without having developed yourself as an individual, at some point that toxic mindset infiltrates yours and you give others the power over you with their negative opinion. It’s lose-lose, primarily because there is a normalizing conformity that makes everyone look sort of boring.

You can’t feel your intrinsic worthiness if you are not self possessed and exuding a certain strength of life force.

When you reach adulthood you have to, paradoxically, feel somewhat removed and dissociated with the human identity in which you have come to inhabit, and at the same time come to embrace that all the faults and failures are your responsibility and you own them. Weakness, tiredness and all. That is how a maturing adult, inhabiting their stage in life, manages to become more beautiful than a teenager.

I have been chatting with a friend that, I guess even though he has been showing me his jacket designs I didn’t know he was a cultural influencer until yesterday. I mean, we had similar outlooks in life and we both get sick and tired of the prevailing mainstream aesthetic that is “dull as hay.”

And this is the feeling beautiful without makeup that I wanted to convey. I admit that from the moment we started our exchanges the content was more about philosophy and ordinary life failures. He showed me some jackets he was working on and asked if I would wear them. I was like, yeah but nope. Too urban. I’m country, man.

But now, I’m deeply grateful that our exchange came out of his not being in a conventional mold.

Meet Brennan Manuel | DesignerWe had the good fortune of connecting with Brennan Manuel and we've shared our conversation below. Hi Brennan, we'd love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking I think risk is a natural part of our lives, but it's something that we are taught as a society to avoid as much as possibl

It is this deep inner security rooted in one’s own value and right to exist, that one develops new eyes to see.

You know how to not make your showing up somewhere all about you, but also you take your own existence in life more seriously in that you respect your own opinions and you find your own weirdness very beautiful. A unique perspective borne out of authenticity in itself is an aesthetic decision. You can induce a halo effect.

I mean, you can feel this… right?

There must be millions of people who wear whatever they wear, and then there is the way he interprets something that is normcore. It has a depth and intelligence behind it that is interesting-beautiful, without filters and makeup.

Like: here I am, in my particular brand of being imperfect, and it’s perfect.

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