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Be Warned: Danger Of Cosmetic surgery; See What Happened To These 3 Ladies Face. See Before & After

Be Warned: Danger Of Cosmetic surgery; See What Happened To These 3 Ladies Face




Women's need to accept their body the way are and the way God has created them. We have many celebrities who have ruined their faves because they wanted to look beautiful. We have seen many celebrities who decide to under go cosmetic operations because they want to look beautiful. Let me tell you something, there's always consequences in everything we do. And it needs money if you come across doctor who doesn't knownwhatnjis doing.

These three women did an gtreatb job and were rewarded for their efforts. Below is a list of the three women who underwent cosmetic surgery and they now looks hilarious in their faces.

1. Mioku Hang is the first.

Hang Mioku is a South Korean woman who have ruined her face while trying to look beautiful. She has done her first surgery when she was 28 years wherebit is said that that them continue to add more surgery on top of one she once perform. It is said that her surgeon decided to ditch her, it is said that her surgeon refused to work with her after finding out that the operation which was performed made her face to be wide.

working with her since the operation had made her face too wide. Hang Mioku, unable to control her preoccupation even after her surgeon stopped caring for her, injected cooking oil into her face, resulting in an abnormally large face. She was a beautiful model but yet still she wanted her skin to be more soft. It is said that after the doctor told her about the consequences she them After injecting an entire bottle of black market silicone into her face, Hang resorted to using cooking oil that left her face severely swollen and scarred


2. Anastasia Pokreshchuk:

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, is a model from Ukraine. She once shared her face picture before and after cosmetic surgery of how sje looks like. It's sad that her face has been ruined and will never be the same again

32 yeads old Anastasia Pokreshchuk has been recognized as the qorld moat cheeky girl. She has already completely changed her face with a different types of cosmetic surgeon. It is said that she Injected herself with hyaluronic fillers. It is said that she is now getting used to the injections



3. Sahar Tabar1

Fatemeh Khishvand, popular known by her Instagram username of Sahar Tabar. She was a social media influencer who became famous in 2017 after she under go for m cosmetic surgery. She was beautiful young model who won the hearts of many fans. There was rumored that she had altered her face through as many as fifty plastic surgeries. she is currently in prison where she was sentence 10 years after she was found guilds of robbing young people. She was arrested last year 2020 December.


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