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7 Women Who Made History Because Of Their Extraordinary Body Features.

There are many women who are well-known for their beautiful bodies. Some of these well-known women rose to prominence through cosmetic surgery, while others were born with it. Others worked their way up through hard work and determination.

Today, we'll take a look at seven women who rose to prominence as a result of their extraordinary and world-record-breaking physique traits.

• The Smallest waist circumference

1. Cathie Jung(Natural)

Cathie holds the global record for having the smallest natural waist circumference. She set the record for the smallest waist with a measurement of 38.1 cm (15 inches), which she attained by wearing corsets regularly and following a strict healthy diet.

She claimed that she wears her corset all the time and only takes it off when she takes a bath.

Su Naing is number two.

Su Naing, a young Myanmar lady with a natural waist of just 13.7 inches, may be the lady with the smallest natural waist. Su Naing says that her waist is natural and that she has never had surgery to get her appearance. She's also applied for the Guinness Book of World Records, but her application has yet to be approved. Cathie Jung is still the current owner of the title.

Her'record-breaking' tiny waist, on the other hand, is still questioned, with some speculating that she doctored her photos to make her waist appear smaller.

Pixee Fox is number three on the list (Surgically enhanced)

Pixee Fox is a model who is notable for having her 6 ribs removed to achieve a waist measurement of 14 inches, making her the world's tiniest waist. Pixee Fox has a waist measurement of a little over 16 inches, according to sources, but she prefers to go even smaller until she reaches her target of 14 inches.

Pixee Fox's body change

Pixee claims that the tiny waists of female Disney cartoon characters influenced her surgery.

Breasts with the most volume

4. Ting Haifen (Natural)

Ting Haifen is a Chinese woman who is known for possessing the largest natural breast in the world. Her breasts are so big that each one weighs more than 10 kg and stretches all the way to her belly button.

Ting Haifen has Juvenile Gigantomastia, which is an uncommon medical disease.

5. Mayra Hills (Surgically enhanced)

Mayra Hills, popularly known as Be shine, is well-known for her massive surgically augmented breasts. Which weigh over 9 kg apiece.

Hips/backside with the most volume

6. Mikel Ruffinelli, (Natural)

Mikel Ruffinelli is known for possessing the world's largest behind, with hips and backside apparently measuring over 8 feet. She also weighs 420 pounds and admits that her girth makes it difficult for her to accomplish several daily duties.

7. Natasha Crown (surgically enhanced)

Natasha Crown is a plus-size model known for her disproportionately wide bottom. She said that she has had three Brazilian butt lifts and that she will not stop until she has the world's widest behind.

Natasha Crown before and after.

Natasha Crown is said to have a 6.6-foot (80-inch) behind and is one of the few women on the planet with an extra-large surgically augmented buttocks.

These women will be known throughout history for their amazing physique traits, whether natural or surgical.

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Cathie Cathie Jung( Myanmar Natural Su Naing


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