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5 Best different types of Bras with images and Names

understanding, the right size is one thing and matching it with your body type is another. Our anatomy might be the same but each of us are unique, so it is important to be fully aware of your body, needs and what it needs. So let’s discuss the best from the lot and look at 3 bras meeting of various body type.

1) T-shirt Bra

I'm not fussy about a lot of things in life, but T-shirt bra is not one of them. Fishing for a seamless T-shirt bra did not come easily to me because I was always looking under the assumption that they were the padded bras. These come with molded protection, sometimes with an underwire but not necessarily padded.

2) sports Bra

Choose a bra based on the activity- a low impact sports bra is suitable for yoga, hiking or walking and a high impact one is needed for a rigorous like aerobics

3) Push up Bra

this is based on a simple mechanism of adding lift and volume to the breast so that they are symmetric, closer and fuller. For starters, a push up bra helps women with a smaller bust line.

4) padded Bras

the padded bra gives a fuller look for women with smaller boobs.

5) strapless bra

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