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Khanyisa Jaceni Is Following A Popular Trend, Here's Why.

Photo: TikTok

Khanyisa Jaceni was recently spotted in bell bottom jeans, these have dived and united fashion enthusiasts time and again, just like skinny jeans, bell bottoms will creep into peoples wardrobes like we going back to the Jackson 5 era. First worn at the beginning of the 19th century by sailors and the US Navy. A century later, the bell bottoms gained popularity, thanks to the hippie culture of the 1960s and 1970s.

These pair of jeans are named after their shape, which is close-fitting at the thighs and becomes wider at the knees, flaring all the way to the hem. Mid-1990s, the bell bottoms became the bootcut, a less wide and more fitted version. The style slowly disappeared from fashion show collections in the 2000s and were non-existent in the early 2010s, before making a glorious come back over the last couple of runway shows. Recently fashion designers have showcased endless flare styles, whether it be leggings, denim jeans or suit trousers.

The flare shape elongates the silhouette like no other, creating a slender, sleek look that catches the eye. Bell bottoms have a vintage inspiration that’s particularly relevant at the moment. This is why we've seen fashion power houses like Versace and Gabriela Hearst all give us a fresh take on the style. At Bogdar in particular, the bell bottoms were detailed with modern slits at the front, while at Gucci, the bell bottoms come in a more tailored shape, with the brand’s logo appliquéd at the hem. Bell bottoms have come and gone many times over the decades. One thing for sure? They’re a safe bet for the seasons ahead.

Photo: Gucci

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

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