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Latest News: Lalela Mswane departs to Israel for the Miss Universe pageant.

Will she win?


Sources: eNCA Twitter page

After all the misunderstanding between the Miss South Africa Management and the government of South Africa, they have finally reached to an agreement that Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane should compete to the Miss Universe. The pageant will be held in Israel, Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane needs the South Africans support to win this pageant. Miss South Africa has released a statement stating that she will compete to the Miss Universe pageant, this was after the misunderstanding of not allowing her to compete to the pageant because of the discrimination in Israel.

The Israel government is set to close the incoming and outgoing flights of their country because of the outbreak of the new variant of Covid-19 in South Africa. This is the reason why Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane has left before this upcoming Monday. Lalela Mswane shows that she has a huge confidence on herself that is why she wants to compete to this pageant. This opportunity will help her to have beautiful memories about being Miss South Africa. I think that if she chose not to compete it would have been a very bad move for her.

She proves to the South African not to back down and always go after what she wants, she believes in success. I wonder what will the South African say if she wins the Miss Universe pageant, since almost the half of the citizens do not want her to compete. Miss South Africa Lalela Mswane is beautiful and she got every chance to win this pageant. If the South African government has changed the way to support Lalela then why these South Africans do not want to do so ss well. If she was able to win Miss South Africa they why would it be hard for her to win Miss Universe?

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