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Here's The Reason Why Some Women Prefer Wearing Wigs and Not Letting Their Natural Hair Out.

Date || 09 October 2021

Source || Instagram


Every single day, women get policed on what they should wear, how they should talk, how they should carry themselves, etc., and another thing that women always get called out for is wearing wigs or weaves. Wigs and weaves have been in existence for the longest time but over the years, the wigs and weaves worn nowadays have improved. The wigs look more like real hair than ever and because of this, a lot of women are, therefore, resorting to wearing wigs more often than letting their natural hair out. 

Even though it's the women's choice on what they want to do with their hair, they, however, always get judged for wearing 'fake hair' and not rocking their natural God-given hair. However, it's been known over the years that natural hair is something that's not easy to deal with, and as time passes it seems like it keeps on getting harder and harder to deal with. The reason is that natural hair requires a lot of maintenance and products which don't come cheap. 

Photo credit: Instagram

Therefore, because of the above mentioned, natural hair becomes a bit too much to deal with hence some women prefer wearing wigs. Yes, wigs are a lot of maintenance as well but what's nice about them is that you can take them off at some point, and then once you need it again, it's still left in that good condition you left it in and will, therefore not be a hassle to get ready with it, that's if that person takes good care of their wigs.

Photo credit: Google

Photo credit: Google

There are, however, some good protective styles like braids, Bantu notes, cornrows, etc., which women can do to protect their natural hair. However, this doesn't take away from the fact that natural hair is a bit too much to deal with because once they undo the protective hairstyles, they again have to deal with the natural hair. 

Photo credit: Google

Photo credit: Google

Another thing that makes natural hair a bit too much to deal with is that you, have to do it yourself as some people may damage your hair or might not do it as desired. Therefore, all that is required to get your hair to look decent has to be done by you. While nowadays with wigs, you can go to a salon and have someone revive it for you if it's a bit messy or just style it for you without having to worry much because wigs, especially straight hair wigs are easy to deal with.

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