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She went to the groove with soccer boots. Check the comments about her wearing the soccer boots

She went to the groove with soccer boots, and some people found her very funny, but as for other people, it is not funny. Caroline Rathabe says she is wearing them because it is muddy and she will be able to walk on it without struggling much. She does not look bothered about it, and then some people have not accepted it. It has no bearing on how you will feel about her.

If someone finds it embarrassing but she does not have an issue with it, it does not matter what people think about her and it would not keep her away from the place. If at the venue they are having no problem with her wearing the soccer boots, everyone else can complain about it as much as they like. It will not have any negative effect on her. 

Being happy starts with what you are comfortable with when wearing it. People will always talk about someone and what they are wearing. But then the fact remains that she is wearing the soccer boots for the wrong purposes. If she was wearing safety boots from PPE, it would have been a better option and it is mostly understandable that people do it.


But then people like to make jokes about it, and some people just want to embrace the other person. For something, it is for social media clout, likes and comments. When you do not have a vehicle, during the rainy days you have to make a plan to walk through the mud, and she comes up with her own plan that is not approved by many people. Sometimes it

is easy to judge or make a comment on something that you have not gone through because you are fortunate. Not everyone will be fortunate, and some people will have to make do with what they have. Use what you have to make it.

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Caroline Rathabe


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