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SA's Got Talent. See What This Dress Is Made From. Would You Wear It ?

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It is said that each and everyone of us was born with a God-given talent that comes naturally to us. A talent is not learned, it is simply in you. When you are talented in something, you do not need to put effort when doing it. It is like second nature to you.

Others are talented in sports, others singing and other creative arts. People who are naturally talented are usually soaring and leading their pack in their particular field. Whereas people who are not talented will have to work 10x harder to get to the level of a naturally talented person.

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Fashion design is also something a person can be talented in. Although others further their studies in fashion design, the talent is actually natural. The further studies is just to have a competitive advantage in the field of employment and to also have a technical advantage over others when seeking a job.

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Fashion design has taken an initiative direction over the years bringing in different designs using different materials that were not initially used before. Now there are designers who design garments made from paper and plastic. That displays how much fashion design has evolved as a whole.

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A particular talented South African was also able to achieve this by designing a dress made from plasti bags. The whole country was impressed and they quickly reacted to this on Facebook. This is the dress.

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This is how South Africans reacted.

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Tell us what you think about the dress ? Would you wear it ?

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