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"There's too many writings on that sneaker," remarks twitter about Daniel Marven's sneaker

"There's too many writings on that sneaker," remarks twitter about Daniel Marven's sneaker

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Daniel Modimo, affectionately known as Daniel Marven is a South African artist, web influencer and entrepreneur. He usually s.t.e.a.l.s tweets on Twitter and passes them off as his own and this is what gained him attention Twitter!

Koena Clothing recently collaborated with Daniel Marven to brand a sneaker of theirs with his name and slogan! While many attest that the sneaker is good looking, some have made a few remarks that are claimed to be constructive criticism!

Personally I do think that there's a lot going on on the sneaker but I also understand that there are people who will buy the sneaker simply because it has a lot going on on it! And since this is Daniel's first sneaker, he's bound to overlook a few things and if he uses the criticism to his advantage, the next one he drops should be seamless!

I am not saying this to bring you down neh..its for growth and further development purposes. These don't look nice at all. Limit the "writing" on them. Logo looks mere

Remove all those writings 'Quit Quitting' you can use them in your adverts, not on the shoe, this is some flipping good pair of kicks bruh ka le kgopela. Even your name, a simple logo at the back of the shoe, small and nice will do🤞🏽

The sole looks fake and a copy of Jordan

It looks good, but "quitquitting" and long names is something else. At least find short name with its logo. I would suggest removing personal names and find something else. Its only suggestion bro not attack. You came with good idea & good vision. Combine people ideas and see

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