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The Correct Way To Apply Perfume And Ensure It Lasts Long

We all love smelling nice, and sometimes this might come at a cost, but the way yo apply your perfume will make it all worth it.

One of the most important things when purchasing a perfume is to ensure that it is a good quality perfume. This will get rid of most of the problems when it comes to applying perfume.

1. Apply it directly to the skin.

This is the best way to apply perfume, but it only works if you do not suffer from any kind of allergies . Applying perfume on your clothes will leave stains that might be difficult to remove.

The reason why it is best to apply perfume your skin is because your body produces heat and this heat will constantly activate the perfume throughout the day where as applying it to your clothes will let it absorb into the air.

2. Use a good amount.

Of course you want the scent of your perfume to be noticeable but you do not want it to be overpowering. Use enough to make the scent noticeable but not too much to affect people around you.

Another way of doing this, is using different fragrances on different body parts, this gives your perfume dimension. You can also use a perfume and body spray in conjunction.

3. Apply it to pulse points.

Pulse points include your inner elbows, your neck, your wrist and even behind your knees. This will ensure that the fragrance and the scent of your perfume last longer compared to if it was on an exposed space on your body.

Everyone has their own favourite scent and these steps will help you ensure that you get the maximum benefit of your perfume.

Personally, I prefer testing the perfume on my skin to ensure that no allergies will occur.

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