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Skin Care

Skin bleaching gone wrong (with photos)

skin bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that aims to lighten dark areas of the skin to achieve a paler skin tone. It's mostly used to improve the appearance of blemishes such as birthmarks and dark patches. Skin bleaching can result in serious side effects and complications that people tend to ignore when decided to bleach their skin. When a skin bleaching product is applied to the skin, such as hydroquinone it decreases the number of melanocytes in the skin. The result will be a lighter skin tone and more even appearance. A number of countries have banned the use of bleaching products becase of the dangers associated with them. Some skin bleaching products are known to contain mercury which can cause serious health issues. Before and after photos show that many people regret using these bleaching products. What happened to natural is beautiful? Staying the way God created you to be. Comment if you agree

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