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Skin Care

Eliminate the bags under your eyes with these tips.

If you only change or enter some simple steps in your daily life, you can make a big difference in the appearance of your eyes. I followed these tips and the results were huge. Tips to remove the bags under your eyes: 

• Before retiring for the night, wash your face with water and soap or a special makeup remover to remove your eye makeup. The shadows of eyes and mask in a one night stay can make the eyes run out and cause a fall from the morning pants. 

• If you sleep on your side or stomach, try to change your back. If you add an additional pillow under the head, the gravity that causes the liquid to be collected under your eyes and creates pockets. 

• Reduce the amount of salt in your diet. The area around your eyes is the main candidate for water, which finds its path from other parts of your body, which are low in sodium. If you have a high salt salary, show your eyes the next morning. 

• Limit your alcohol consumption. A glass of occasional wine is fine, but if you join one, you will make sure you drink water and apply a moisturizer before going to bed. Alcohol can take out water from the skin and weaken the sensitive area around your eyes to leave it with a sunken look.

 • Those of them, who are plagued with allergies, aqueous swollen eyes are common. Most of the anxious drugs that take for their allergies can dry the tip of the nose and powered dried eyes. This does not mean you should use these products if you do not have allergies to eliminate your swollen eyes. 

• Smoking can be dried and the skin weakens on the face. This includes their eyes that may seem like appearing.

 • If your body protects your body in the sun, this contains your eyes. UV rays can handle the skin around your eyes or wrinkle. The use of sunglasses and hats and the use of a sunscreen protects your face from harmful rays.

 • Today there are many eye creams on the market that can help reduce swollen eyes. Try to see some what best works for you. However, do not create the myth of using hemorrhoid cream to relieve the pockets under the eyes, it can irritate the skin around the eyes. 

• The use of a cold compress can relieve the swelling of the eyes. You can also use cucumber slices or chilled tea bags. The idea here is that low temperature helps swollen eyes.

• Last use a corrector if you have dark circles under the eyes. Choose one that matches your skin tone and apply it by looking at it easily to rub it.

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