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[Opinion] Mihlali Ndamase pioneering for greatness.See the article below


Mihlali Ndamase is a Pioneer of greatness everything that she touches turns into gold.She started her You Tube channel in 2016.Her main focus is on beauty and make up.Mihlali has been consistent on building up her brand using the social media platforms.She might be the reason why many young women have started You Tube channels ,as they are following on her footsteps and some look up to her as their mentor.

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If there’s anyone who knows how to stick and focus on one thing and make sure it becomes successful it has to be Mihlali.Her content is focused on beauty and she has natured it with so much love and care.She is one of the few rare content creators who have managed to focus on one idea.She seemed to be called for what she has been doing and probably anointed for it.

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One thing is clear that consistency, authenticity,hardworking and respecting her work has payed off.From being a content creator on YouTube to being a business woman.Mihlali has launched MalakytSA on the 15th of October 2021.This is an online app that will help anyone find beautician who is reliable and near at the time of need.No one could have thought of this idea besides Mihlali.See the link below

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Lets give a big round of applause for her work ethic and focus that has yielded such amazing results.Congratulations to her on her new journey of being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.She is the queen that needs to be celebrated and an inspiration to many young women.She is the perfect description of young black women you can also do it.From Kokstad to the world Mihlali is clearly taking and occupying the beauty industry space.

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Once more congratulations to Mihlali Ndamse on her new business venture ,on breaking all the limitations and for going after what she wants and believes in.One thing that we can all learn from her is undivided attention and building up your brand through social media platforms.Lastly its her authenticity and hard work.

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