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Skin Care

Facial care for a beautiful face.

Taking care of your face is a good thing.Making sure you avoid eye bags and wrinkles is a good thing.Keeping your face smooth should be every person's key thing.

Our faces are soft and delicate so we should make sure we take care of them in the best way possible.We must make sure we take very good care of them and protect them against any harmful and harsh thing.

First one must make sure not to bath the face with hot water.Cold water is the best for facial care because this way the cells do not get burnt and broken down.Using a towel to wipe and dab the face to avoid scratching the face.

Another thing one must apply a few safe and tested remedies like avocado as face mask.Also plain yoghurt mixed with honey keeps the face smooth.Plain white toothpaste mixed with pure Vaseline blue seal as a face mask also helps the face to be bright and beautiful.

Applying egg whites also helps to extract oil from the face to keep the face glowing and oil shinning free.Our faces are our first impressions and they last longer.Taking care of yourself is essential and looks...well looks matter.Beautiful Miguel ft Mariah Carey

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