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7 Kinds Of Panties Every Lady Needs To Have In Her Wardrobe.

How many times have you had pantylines show through your dress when you were otherwise flawless? I'm sure a million hands are up right now because practically everyone has been in that unpleasant situation at some point. When it comes to lingerie, the majority of us choose for the most basic options. Isn't it true that we choose our bras dependent on what we're wearing? Why don't we use the same logic to design our underwear?

When wearing a pencil skirt, seamless underwear is just as important as when wearing a lovely summer tube dress. Here's a summary of the various types of underwear available and how to wear them.

1. Boy Shorts.

Boy shorts are quite comfortable and are inspired by men's boxers. They're quite functional, and they look great with both skirts and flared dresses.

2. Classic Briefs.

This is your go-to pair of underwear. Those that come in sets of three or five. You may wear them with nearly anything as long as your outfit isn't too body-hugging, as this will highlight your thighs.

3. Hipsters.

These are low-rise and have a lot of covering on the sides. They look great with almost any outfit. As a result, make sure you have a few extra.

4. Thongs

Thongs are the essence of feminine elegance. They're also great underwear to pair with garments when the bump of your panty line would ordinarily mar the look.

5. French-Cut Panties.

High-cut panties are another name for them, and they have an 80s vibe to them. They have a higher leg hole cut than regular ones, which helps with circulation. They're perfect for wearing with high-waisted jeans.

6. G-String

They resemble thongs, however they don't provide any protection. They're made for circumstances where you want to go commando but also need to stay safe. It takes some getting used to before you feel entirely comfortable in this circumstance.

7. Control Briefs

These are quite comfortable and practical. To keep your tummy in place, they include a tight elastic waistband.


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