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It ended in tears for two disrespectful men at engine garage

Well done to the staff for defending their colleague. Quite often, they are subjected to verbal and physical abuse from drunk customers who have little or no respect for fellow human beings, regardless of skin color.

Judging by the way I see it, some people when they are in stores, garages or taxi rank behave like they are smart pants who invented heaven. Sometimes you need to keep your ego to yourself and respect others.

Trust Engen garage attendants.They'll entertain when it's time and discipline when it matters.

discipline was instilled though it wasn't necessary to use physical force. They will never undermine petrol attendent again.

"At Engen; we dance and have fun with our customers. On our spare time, we assist people with fueling up their vehicles and for some reason we get paid for it. However, our main objective is moering tjatjarag boys. With us, you're number one.

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