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Skin Care

I will Never Bleach My Skin Ever Again Says Man on Twitter:Look What Happened to his Face


Bleaching of skin has become such a normal thing in Africa .Many people now want to become lighter and fair .This is because they believe that light people are more beautiful compared to more dark skinned people.Honestly we really dont blame Africans for thinking like that .Imagine they were told for hundreds of years that they were ugly and referred to as baboons .So the hate they have on themselves is really not suprising. 

A man took to twitter to confess that he will never bleach his skin again .This is after he used bleach creams that burnt his face and left him looking like like he had a skin disease.See the pictures below.

The second picture looks really bad .He looks likes he is developing skin dieases.Over and over again people have been warned about the affects of bleaching but they still go ahead and do it .Thats just proves how much some people hate being black .They would go to any lengths to get rid of their melanin.

Whats even more suprising is that even men are now doing it .This used to be something that women did and nowdays even men want to be lightskin .Bleaching causes kidney failure, heart dseases and skin cancers but people still take those risks.

I think as Africans its important to always tell our children how beautiful they are while they are growing up .Because if we dont tell them , the world will tell how ugly they are as African children and thats how they will begin to hate themselves and start bleaching their skin.

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