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How to Fix a Zipper

How to Fix a Zipper

A broken zipper could make you think that your garment is ruined, but there are actually a few hacks that you can use to easily fix it. In fact, you might not even have to buy a new zipper if the old one isn’t too worn out or missing any teeth. 5-Minute Crafts is showing you how to fix a broken zipper.

1. Adding zipper tape to a zipper head

What you’ll need

A fork (preferably a 3-tined fork if your zipper is a big one, regular forks will work for the rest)

A clamp


Put a tine on either side of the bridge. If the zipper head is too small, you can use the clamps to press the fork tines together.

Jiggle both sides of the zipper to fit into the slots of the bridge. Make sure the zipper tape faces the right side.

Pull to close the zipper.

2. Fixing a zipper pull when it doesn’t close anymore

What you’ll need

A pair of pliers

A new zipper (if the old one is in bad condition)


Use your pliers to remove the iron stopper at the end of the zipper. It will be on the same side of the jacket where the zipper puller is attached.

Remove the puller.

Use your pliers to close the 2 sides of the zipper pull and return it to its original shape. This will only work if your zipper is made of metal. If it’s plastic or if the metal is too worn out, it has to be replaced.

Put the zipper pull back. You can use method 1 to do that.

Put back the stopper and press using the pliers.

Zip up and it’s ready.

3. Fixing a zipper that’s stuck

What you’ll need


A pencil

Washing liquid



Check if there’s anything caught between the teeth of the zipper (like rogue fibers).

If something’s blocking the zipper, try to remove it by hand. If it won’t budge, try using a pair of tweezers to slowly pull the blockage out of the teeth. Moving the zipper head up and down can help.

If the zipper still won’t move, use a pencil to coat the teeth surrounding the blocked part with a light coating of graphite. It will act as a lubricant to create a smooth run.

If that fails, try a small amount of washing liquid. You can also coat the outside of a cotton ball with a light layer of Vaseline and work the jelly into the teeth surrounding the stoppage as a lubricant for the small elements that are blocking the zipper.

4. If the zipper teeth are too worn out

What you’ll need

Nail polish


Paint the teeth with clear nail polish.

Let the layer dry.

If you find that the zipper still doesn’t fasten after your first coat of polish, repeat the procedure a couple of times, but let each layer dry before starting the next one.

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