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Strongest way to get rid of harsh yellow and brown stain on your teeth with items from your kitchen

Many people have attempted to cover up their dark teeth, but it seems that their efforts have been ineffective. Despite these precautions, many people still have tooth rot. This tutorial will teach you how to whiten your teeth so they are perfectly white.

Thankfully, rather than having to visit the dentist, dark brown stains on teeth can be eradicated using over-the-counter drugs.

Many people cover their teeth, even when they're laughing. The joke isn't even amused by others. They will smile widely when they are feeling particularly joyful and cognizant of the shade of their teeth. This cannot continue. You shouldn't be embarrassed to smile and laugh out loud because of the color of your teeth. Once these actions are complete. Take pride in your teeth as they are something to be proud of.

Gather the following four items to get going:

Brushing teeth by smearing paste on it

Salt is used to prepare meals.

Lemon or lime juice

Many kitchens always have baking soda on hand.

Please give the upcoming instructions and procedure some thought.

Locate a tidy, dry bowl.

Fill the container with toothpaste, b.

Add a little salt to the mixture as the third option.

Juice from freshly squeezed lemons should also be added to the bowl.

Mix well after adding half a teaspoon of baking powder. e.

After a while, you'll notice a thick, yellowish paste forming. Use a tablespoon to brush your teeth after obtaining some. It should take four to five minutes to brush your teeth. Your teeth's current dark brown hue can be drastically lightened by doing this consistently for a week. You won't be embarrassed to laugh while showing off your brightest teeth any longer.


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